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The purpose of field marketing activity is to provide sales and marketing, and customer service strategies - all based on the deployment of activity-specific trained personnel on a short-term basis.

The advantage of field marketing is that you are able to deploy personnel without the cost of recruitment, and the overheads of full-time employees. Instead, you can gain access to trained personnel for short periods of time.

Field activity is divided into two main types:

market assessment - which includes:

  • retail auditing
  • mystery calling
  • product in-store relabeling
  • merchandising

and customer experience - which includes:

  • product sampling campaigns
  • exhibition, conference or outdoor event stand manning
  • auxiliary sales forces
  • in-store demonstrations

When economic constraints force companies to cut-back in the numbers of people they employ direct, field marketing can provide a highly cost-effective means of ensuring you have the people you need for field activity as and when you need them.

And there's nothing that gets results quicker than face to face contact.